giovedì 22 marzo 2012

Post Atomic Girl !

I decided to add some of my paintings to the online shop. Small size canvases can be easily shipped and do not need a huge space to be hung or displayed. The first one of the serie is " Post Atomic Girl ".

This small painting (22 x 13,5 cm) comes already stretched on a wooden frame, and a metal hanger that allows it to be hung on your wall. It has been hand painted with acrylic painting on canvas and it's an original subject by Dedalos. 

More paintings to come next days!

lunedì 5 marzo 2012

Waiting for spring to come..

Emily is a custom made art doll that I created upon order. She is leaving my studio toward France and her outfit pretty reflects it. I feel a bit sorry when a doll leaves my studio, but it makes me so happy to know that someone will enjoy her arrival! 

Together with Emily, another art doll is leaving my studio: Mona Lisa! She has been the symbol of my art dolls since I opened the shop and now she is taking off..

They seem to be fine together in their little blue box.
Well goodbye little dolls, have a nice journey! 

Another piece of my studio left to a foreign and far land today..
I'm talking about my reproduction of Portrait of Johanna Staude.
I admit I am really affectionate to this painting, 
I really love the colours and the beautiful face of the model.
To say the truth I am fond of any work by Klimt.
Well..who isn't actually?