venerdì 11 maggio 2012

Spring Sale !

I'm having a Spring Sale on my Etsy Shop. You can have 20% off on any of the items from my collection (originals and custom dolls included). Just type the code : "SPRING" in the coupon code space while checking your order. The offer is valid untile May 31th.
This is the little flyer I prepared to share this promotion, featuring my Little Red Riding Hood..ain't she pretty? I love her little cute face!

I decided to update my Etsy Shop banner with the news about this promotion. It's quite a small space where to put all the infos but finally I ended up with a funny and cute result anyway. I hope you like it!

Many of my dolls have already found a loving new house were are kept with a lot of care, and all the others are looking forward to face adventurous journeys all around the world and find new friends as well!

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